Monday, August 24, 2009

Tiny toes and true love!

Today marked the day of our all important 12 week scan. I'll keep this brief, but will just say that we saw that lovely fluttering little heart again, but this time was so much more exciting - we also saw some teeny tiny toes on those perfectly formed feet, crazy little arms and legs waving around, and Damyan's favourite part - two perfect brain hemispheres. Despite the fact that I had once again gone overboard in drinking 2 litres of water, a can of coke and a cup of tea beforehand so that our poor little bean was quite squished in there, Ethelred still decided to play up for the "camera" and did a little backflip for us. Which was very nice, but a bottom doesn't look nearly as exciting on the screen - I preferred the nodding dog impression he was doing at the beginning....clearly dancing to the rhythm in his head already (which is obviously Abba, and not Nine Inch Nails)!

Anyway, without further ado, I am so very happy, excited and relieved to introduce Ethelred Pepper:

By the way, for anyone who is about to put Child Protection Services on speed dial, Ethelred is baby's name only until he/she draws their first breath. Sorry Damyan.

Baby bunting is now due to enter this wicked world on March 8th 2010 - poor Milo dog, please forgive us!


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  2. actually, Ethelred is much better than my alternative ;)

  3. Loved reading the blog. And what a beautiful photo.